How to Start a WordPress Blog Guide for Beginner in 2024

Hello friends, those people who were searching for a Free Blogging Course or How to Create a Blog for a long time, then today I have brought this course for all of you. If you do not have even a little knowledge about blogging, then after reading this post you will get complete information about it.

So if you want to learn blogging and want to earn money from blogging (Make Money From Blogging), then this post will help you a lot. Because in this I have tried to explain each and every thing very well. I hope that all of you will also understand all these things well.
In this post you will know how to choose a blog topic, how to buy a domain, how to buy hosting, how to setup a blog and all this information will help you in becoming a good blogger.
But before explaining all these things, let me tell you something about myself. Like when did I start blogging and in how many days did I get the first payment from it. So if you people want to know about me or my blogging journey, then you can read this.
Although I had started this journey of blogging in 2015 itself, but I did not have much knowledge about blogging due to which my Google Adsense account got suspended. After that I again started another new blog in January 2016.
In this one year I had learned a lot about blogging. Which helped me a lot in ranking my new blog.
After some 4 months of starting that blog, I got my first payment from Google Adsense of about $126, the screenshot of which I have given you below.
So at that time the price of these $126 was around 8 thousand rupees. This is how I started my blogging journey. After one blog became successful, I started some more blogs of my own.
Then after that I started making videos on YouTube also. In this way, I had 4 YouTube channels, due to having more than 1 lakh subscribers on all my four YouTube channels, I had also received 4 Silver Play Buttons and 1 Golden Play Button from YouTube for all the channels.
But out of all these channels, I have got the most recognition from Satish K Videos YouTube channel, on which channel I interview bloggers or digital marketers or some such people.
So that all of you can get inspired and recently I did an interview with Shakti Maan i.e. Mukesh Khaana ji. This day has been the best day for me so far.
If you want to know better How to Start a WordPress Blog / Blog Kaise Banaye then you can watch this video.

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