gypsyphonic disko

Your Mardi Gras Megamix, Courtesy of Gypsyphonic Disko

January 31, 2013 • SOUND PROP

While you are putting your costume on. In between parades. Driving down Canal Street.  In the shower. At the club. All of these are answers to the question, “When should I listen to this Mardi Gras megamix?” NOLA’s own Gypsyphonic Disko has your Fat Tuesday soundtrack all set for you. Just put it on repeat. It’s free to download.

gypsyphonic disko

Leslie Almeida

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Leslie is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of PROPAGANDA New Orleans. There are few things she enjoys more than a nice espresso, intriguing stories or cats.

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Jen Hannon
Jen Hannon

hey McClain Johnson, this is rad!

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