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On the Subject of Ducks and Homosexuality

December 20, 2013 • ALL ARTICLES, BLOG, HUMOR

That guy from that reality show made a few ignorant remarks on homosexuality (and race, but let’s not talk about that).

So, I’m just going to leave these links here. Talk amongst yourselves.

Homosexuality Will Lead to Enslavement of Humanity by Ducks Warns Homeschooled Teen

Gay ducks derail repopulation plan

How Gay Dead Duck Sex Was Discovered

And related: Boffin honoured for necrophile gay duck paper

Decadent Ducks

On a local level: Decadent Ducks New Orleans

Get your own “prideful” rubber duck here!

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Propaganda New Orleans
Propaganda New Orleans

I wonder what the argument is concerning animals that exhibit homosexual behavior. You know, since they don't really "choose" the lifestyle.

Rachel Marks
Rachel Marks

I've seen the TED talk on gay necrophile ducks.

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