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Nominate a Local Non-Profit for Free Advertising Space

October 23, 2013 • COMMUNITY, FEATURED

We’re providing free advertising space for a month, every month, to a deserving group on

As a small, independently-owned digital publication, we don’t always have the time or resources to give what we would like to the non-profits that are making a difference in the city. Do you have a favorite local charitable or community organization that could use some exposure?

Nominate your favorite do-gooders for free advertising space in the comments below. If you prefer to nominate an organization anonymously, you can email us at We will announce the recipient on Friday, November 1st.

P.S. - Congratulations again to our very first recipient, CASA New Orleans!

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Leslie Almeida

Founder/Editor-in-Chief at PROPAGANDA New Orleans
Leslie is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of PROPAGANDA New Orleans. There are few things she enjoys more than a nice espresso, intriguing stories or cats.

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