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Mobile Apps to Keep You On Track

January 15, 2013 • TechNO PROP

Fulfill your New Year’s resolutions with a little help from modern technology

Photo: Alyson Hurt

Photo: Alyson Hurt


We live in a technology-addicted world where we wake up to check our e-mails on our phone while we are still in bed. On our commute to work, we might scroll around on our iPads or tablets to read the headlines. Then we go to work where (many of us) stare at a computer screen. Technology is clearly embedded in our work lives, but have you ever considered how it could positively impact our personal lives? It’s a new year and I’m sure most of you have made resolutions to make your lives more balanced, healthier and productive. Here is a roundup of mobile applications that will keep you on track to reach your goals.


1. Quit smoking and pat yourself on the back.

Quit It – Stop Smoking by Digital Sirup (iPhone)

Go ahead. Smoke your last cigarette. Then download Quit It which can be found in the App Store. This app will show you all the benefits you gain as soon as your finish your smoke. For example, it has been 2 days, 18 hours and 12 minutes since my last cigarette (at the time this article was written). Quit It states that I have now saved $7.67 for refraining from buying 28 cigarettes. It also tells me that my nerve endings are beginning to regenerate and my senses of smell and taste are beginning to turn to normal.  Quit It continues to calculate your benefits in the background. As time goes on, you’ll find that more benefits will be revealed to you. You can even tweak the settings to customize how many cigarettes a day you smoke, and the cost of each pack.


2. Tackle your to-do list… eventually.

Do It (Tomorrow) by Adylitica (, iPhone, iPad, Android)

If your lifestyle is anything like mine, you have dirty dishes, laundry and floors waiting for you at home after every busy day.  You’ve tried asking Siri to remind you to complete these tasks (or maybe you don’t have an iPhone 4s or iPhone 5, therefore this woman does not live in your phone), but Siri simply does not understand that it’s okay to procrastinate. Do It (Tomorrow) is the procrastinator’s to-do list application. Simply make a list of things you need to do, and when completed, cross them off with a click or touch of your finger. Conversely, click the arrow next to the task that you choose not to do today but will put off for tomorrow. Do It (Tomorrow) is an intuitive app that is available on most platforms.


3. Keep in touch with your distant relatives.

treat. by Shutterfly (, iPhone)

It’s your second cousin’s birthday and you only know that because Facebook tells you so. Do more than just post “Happy Birthday! See you at the next family fishing trip!” on their wall. Instead, send them a thoughtful card through the mail with a flick of your thumb. treat is a Facebook integrated application created by Shutterfly that lets you personalize and send a physical greeting card straight to their mailbox. For example, as soon as I log in to the treat app, it reminds me that my co-worker Nealy has a birthday on January 18th. I simply click her picture and treat suggests the perfect card for me. You can even search for cards by recipient (friend, mother, brother, etc.) and tone (funny, heartfelt, or simply stated.) Your card will also be coupled with a coupon of varying values from your favorite retailers such as Sears, Groupon, Fandango, Target or Amazon.


4. Actually go to the gym, and maybe get paid for it.

GymPact (iPhone, Android)

There are lots of apps out there that track your calories burned, the number of miles ran, or keep count of the calories you consume. This app takes a step back and rewards you monetarily for actually making it to the gym or completing a workout. Simply check-in right before you start pumping the iron. However, miss a workout, and it will use your stored credit card information to charge you a penalty! GymPact is ideal for those who struggle to stay accountable for their fitness goals in the new year.


5. Quit the job you loathe and find a new one.

JobAware (, iPhone, iPad)

We survived the “end of the world”, so let’s make the most of the time we do have left really count. Why are you sticking with a job you hate? JobAware is a website with a supplementary iOS app that can help you switch careers or jobs.  It provides a plethora of information such as company searches, tips for resumes, cover letters, interviews, and even tips to negotiate your salary. JobAware is also integrated with LinkedIn to find job opportunities that may be available through your connections.  When searching for new positions, you are able to save the listings by category such as “Dream Job”, second choice, and third choice. You’ve got no excuse to complain about your boss ever again.


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