Foot in Bath Syndrome, or, Episode 8 of ‘The Stafford Project’

November 12, 2013 • BLOG, FEATURED

There are certain scenes in film and television that elicit a strong reaction, whether it be jumping out of your seat, covering your eyes or shedding a tear.

Let’s talk about the “Uhhhhhhhh…” reaction.

Actor and New Orleans native John Mese is featured in Episode 8 of digital series ‘The Stafford Project’, created by and starring Michelle Stafford of ‘The Young and the Restless’ fame. The self-aware and ballsy comedy series chronicles Stafford’s misadventures in dating, life as a single mom and dodging paparazzi in agonizingly unfortunate situations.

Mese’s role in the latest episode (titled ‘The Foot Guy’) is convincing in character and, um, “interest”. I’ll leave it at that and let you watch it for yourself.

Leslie Almeida

Founder/Editor-in-Chief at PROPAGANDA New Orleans
Leslie is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of PROPAGANDA New Orleans. There are few things she enjoys more than a nice espresso, intriguing stories or cats.

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Propaganda New Orleans
Propaganda New Orleans

The first three episodes or so build up on why she's (fictitiously) doing this project, so the focus is more personal, perhaps. Episodes 5-8 are my favorite, and I've watched this episode three times or so. -L

Chanel Ward
Chanel Ward

gonna check this out! I miss her on Y&R :(

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