Episode 6: The PROPAGANDA Film Report

October 25, 2013 • AUDIO, NEAUX REEL IDEA

A conversation about film distribution company GATHR and two reviews, one of a documentary and the other of a special silent film screening.


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PROPAGANDA New Orleans’ resident film dude, Bill Arceneaux, interviews Richard Matson, distribution consultant for GATHR, about the program and moviegoing in general; Bill reviews Birth of the Living Dead, a documentary about George A. Romero and his groundbreaking Night of the Living Dead; Bill reviews a special film event in New Orleans, a screening of the silent film Beau Geste featuring a live score performed by The New Leviathan Oriental Fox-Trot Orchestra, at The Prytania Theatre.


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Music provided by Robin Barnes

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Recorded, edited and hosted by Bill Arceneaux, film writer and commentator, for PROPAGANDA New Orleans

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Bill Arceneaux

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Sure, hosting plenty of film productions from out of state has helped our region, but what about home grown talent? What about conceiving, creating and completing content in the area? Through film criticism and podcasting, it's my goal to contribute to and progress the local movie culture - make it a true Hollywood South.

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