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Death and Taxes

November 26, 2013 • ALL ARTICLES, FEATURED, MIND CONTROLComments (0)

Why do we put more thought into taxes than in our own mortality...

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Walk it Out

September 18, 2013 • FEATURED, MIND CONTROLComments (0)

MIND CONTROL columnist and mental health professional Thomas Fewer extols the benefits of "walk and talk"...

The Knight's Dream

The Art of Dreaming

July 8, 2013 • MIND CONTROLComments (0)

"Taking the time to understand the language of dreams can bring balance to your personality, spark instinctive creativity, and expand your view of the world."...


Furor Poeticus

May 24, 2013 • MIND CONTROLComments (0)

“Where does inspiration come from?” MIND CONTROL columnist Thomas Fewer seeks the answer...

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The Shame and Trauma of Spiritual Abuse: Part 2 of Karen’s Story

April 19, 2013 • MIND CONTROLComments (2)

Here, the second half of a two part series with Karen, a survivor of spiritual abuse...

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The Shame and Trauma of Spiritual Abuse: Karen’s Story

April 2, 2013 • MIND CONTROLComments (1)

The story of Karen and the shame, trauma and mental abuse she endured through her devout religious upbringing...

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The Polluting of the Child

March 4, 2013 • MIND CONTROLComments (0)

In this month's MIND CONTROL, Thomas Fewer of New Orleans Counseling Center reports on how today's children are overmedicated and misdiagnosed...


The Dark Side of People Pleasing

February 4, 2013 • MIND CONTROLComments (0)

There's a fine line between being helpful and being a people pleaser, and the latter can be quite destructive. This month's MIND CONTROL helps you just say no...

Death on a Pale Horse - Benjamin West

The Allure of Doom

January 8, 2013 • MIND CONTROLComments (2)

In this month's MIND CONTROL, Thomas Fewer discusses the appeal of doom, death, and "the end"...


Speak My Language

December 3, 2012 • MIND CONTROLComments (0)

“I really know what they mean by NFL widows. For years, I couldn't communicate with my husband at all..."...