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popeyes for mardi gras - jay allen

Do This, Not That: 5 Ways to Make Better Bad Choices this Mardi Gras

February 25, 2014 • ALL ARTICLES, FEATURED, HEALTHComments (6)

Nolan Ferraro, certified trainer and owner of Salire Fitness, recommends five healthier alternatives to the non-healthy decisions we typically make during Mardi Gras...

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microbes NIAID Mad Lib

Infectious Disease Mad Libs!


What's more fun than infectious disease? How about Mad Libs on the topic of infectious disease?!...

credit - art crimes

Death and Taxes

November 26, 2013 • ALL ARTICLES, FEATURED, MIND CONTROLComments (0)

Why do we put more thought into taxes than in our own mortality...

PINK O - Bart Everson

Pinkwashing Breast Cancer

October 24, 2013 • FEATURED, INFECTIOUS SELECTIONSComments (1)

Every October, corporations cash in on the pain of breast cancer patients, survivors and the families of those that weren't as fortunate. It's called pinkwashing...

Corbis-42-23598653-Naegleria fowleri

Providing Perspective on the Brain-Eating Amoeba

September 27, 2013 • FEATURED, INFECTIOUS SELECTIONSComments (0)

Yes, there is such a thing as "brain-eating amoeba", and yes, it can kill you. But it probably won't...

walking shadow - themactep -feat

Walk it Out

September 18, 2013 • FEATURED, MIND CONTROLComments (0)

MIND CONTROL columnist and mental health professional Thomas Fewer extols the benefits of "walk and talk"...

mosquito dengue fever feat.

Mo’ Mosquitoes, Mo’ Problems

August 27, 2013 • INFECTIOUS SELECTIONSComments (0)

Sure, you knew they were annoying, but did you know that mosquitoes prefer their human victims to have stinky feet...

HPV Vaccine

The Cancer-Sex Connection

July 10, 2013 • INFECTIOUS SELECTIONSComments (1)

Pop quiz! What is the most common STD in the United States? It's HPV, and you've probably had it or will contract it in the future...

The Knight's Dream

The Art of Dreaming

July 8, 2013 • MIND CONTROLComments (0)

"Taking the time to understand the language of dreams can bring balance to your personality, spark instinctive creativity, and expand your view of the world."...

Non-Violence - Photo by Paul Stein

The Public Health Approach to Violence

May 30, 2013 • INFECTIOUS SELECTIONSComments (1)

Violence is an infection and New Orleans has a raging case...